Why BE1


The importance of leaving one's mark, trace or inheritance is intrinsic to us. Well, this high level corporate event is a necessity in the world of conferences and forums, because it offers everyone the opportunity to do this action that will remain for life!

Philanthropy has always been overlooked in conferences, forums, etc., yet it is here that we see the strength and dignity of a great company. In addition, take the example of donor companies by putting them in the foreground, in order to inspire entrepreneurs from all sectors to adopt a philanthropic corporate culture.

BE1 is the Academy Awards of conferences! A platform that highlights the top leaders and entrepreneurs who rally their business expertise by becoming internationally recognized philanthropists.

BE1's mission is to raise awareness of the importance of social entrepreneurship amongst the international business community, by working and Being One Together; we can be part of the solution.

• Gather top leaders and internationally recognized entrepreneurs and influencers in Montreal. with the goal of
• Inspiring, sharing secrets of success, and allowing the participants to image the formidable force to win.
• Make Montreal a revolving platform able to welcome the Great World Leaders
• BE1 will be able to support and give back worldwide, to social causes in need, through the organizations that our international speakers
• Make the first real estate acquisition of an apartment building with the capacity to lodge 54 people in need, whilst inducting them to our social reintegration program called «Covering Yourself!».
• Revitalize the Montreal economy.
• Create the largest business network of philanthropic entrepreneurs


  1. Put all the importance on the value of human capital.
  2. Respect for others is the prerequisite of all our actions.
  3. Our foundations thrives for excellence and innovation at all times.
  4. A social culture of entrepreneurship that will mark our generation and the future.

a) That BE1 becomes the largest international corporate event, where the largest percentage of business development is conducted.
b) That BE1 gives back to severe global causes in need through the gathering of great leaders and tops performers.
c) That BE1 inspires all the participants to leave a renowned social legacy.

Social Legacy
For this edition, the social legacy of all participants will be reflected and exhibited through a personal branded plaque exhibiting their name put upon a Legacy Shield on the building of the F.I.S.H. Foundation.

L'Intelligence Artificielle (IA)

Montreal has become the world capital of Artificial Intelligence (AI). BE1 will present an exhibition, a kind of mini-fair for the top AI companies in Montreal, in order to invite investors to meet them personally and create strong and profitable business ties for all.


The F.I.S.H. Foundation has for mission to make real estate acquisitions to lodge homeless people, supported through its reintegration program «Covering Yourself!» F.I.S.H. benefits 100% from the incredible and unique winter fashion show!

In addition, we will give 10% of funds from the «live stream» to the causes that affect our speakers, like that, BE1 contributes internationally to help several social causes.


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