Be2Be Club

The 1st business club of philanthropists entrepreneurs

Be2Be.Club is the very first business club of philanthropists entrepreneurs in the world. Are you part of a physical private club? Such as the Mont-Royal Club, the St-James Club etc., it's exactly the same principle, with the difference this is a virtual private club. However, our corporate members go from virtual to reality, in our prestigious business events Business & Pleasure, Networking Dining Evening.


The economy is the primary source in all social-economic systems, but I believe that behind every transaction, reside businesswomen and businessmen aware of Corporate Social Responsability issues and are keen to contribute to make the proper changes. The real "be to be" are philanthropists entrepreneurs, people who desire to leave a legacy, these leaders really make the difference and contribute economically to the well being of the poorest in their society. These are the corporates-members we are looking for to do business together and be part of the solution.


  1. You get 2 years in courtesy
    (Complete profile of your company).
  2. You must make a Voluntary Contribution for one year, of the desired profile.
  3. For businesses, after the 2nd year pay $ 4.99 / month for life to keep your profile activated. Fon non-profit organizations $2.99$ / month.
    Note: Your Voluntary Contribution is partially set aside to acquire the building to lodge the homeless and operations of your Club to promote your businesses.

what is the objective?

The goal is to create a virtual private club that brings together various sectors where corporate-members use their services between them in order to do "B to B", by using the other members services.

The site presents a complete profile of the most influential companies: The Company, the ROI (among members), Marketing, Photo Gallery, Contact, and you have access to the profile of all other members. We strongly encourage business development between members, for example, have dinner in the restaurants of our members, and shop your luxury accessories: Montblanc, Tiffany etc., in the shops of our corporate-members, for your furniture design offices, and why not the services of professionals such as dentists, architects, lawyers etc. Create a business network, where business is done! In addition, we organize tours for intercompany business development resulting from contract signature between our members.

As a corporate-member enterprise you can participate at the International Exhibition Premium: Business & Pleasure, have a presence in the magazine "The Be2Be" etc. There are various marketing and promotion services available to our corporate-member targeting customers in order to generate profit for you.

The most important is that you have an address book to your own with direct contacts of leaders and decision-makers here and abroad.

Note: The Be2Be Club is open to companies and not individuals, also the resource persons of the profiles of corporate-members must be those of the GM, VP and/or CEO. We encourage the contacts of decision-making people.

Exclusively reserved for our members

The Be2Be.Club is private. Access is exclusively for its members. Our "branding" are excellence by reference, to create a business network of transparent business leaders, based on quality and not on quantity. We operate by references only, or have attended one of our upscale business evenings.


1) Corporate-member can refer new members and stands guarantor of its reference.
2) Participation in one of our high-end networking evenings, automatically entitles you for a qualification for membership.
3) Apply for membership directly to the President:

The F.I.S.H. Foundation

The vision of the Be2Be Club is BUSINESS & PHILANTHROPY. F.I.S.H. Foundation whose mission is to provide a roof and a bed for the homeless, through real estate acquisitions, supported by its social reintegration program « Covering Yourself!», is a beneficiary of monthly or annual Voluntary Contributions from corporate members.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about bringing together philanthropy and entrepreneurship are guarantors of convivial evenings, worldly and heart. The Be2Be.Club offers its member companies a unique opportunity to expand its business network while giving back to the poorest in our society.

This also allows our members not only to give a better quality of life for those in need, taking part of the solution of this social responsibility, but also on your behalf, you leave a legacy for generations to come can also benefit and/or take example, while having a great ROI. Thank you!


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