F.I.S.H. Foundation

F.I.S.H. Foundation

Provide a roof and a bed for the homeless, through real estate acquisitions, supported by its social reintegration program « Immobilise-Toit! ».

Put the importance on the value of human capital.

That Canada becomes the instigator country to break homelessness worldwide.

Fundraising: For The Acquisition Of A 1st Lodging Building

As part of our fundraising campaign, we are organizing small and large corporate events solely to purchase a 1st building to lodge the homeless.

The solution to Homelessness: Is long-term housing, supported by our "Covering Yourself" social reintegration program! It is this difference that the F.I.S.H. brings, we are the solution. This innovative long-term shelter program with a framework for social reintegration, targets two types of buildings for two categories of beneficiaries:
1) First type of housing 8 apartments for people who have mental health problems. Duration : Indefinite accommodation.

2) Apartments with 25 apartments or more, for people living in a situation of financial poverty / precariousness, but able to return to the labor market and help them become respectable taxpayers, like you and me. Maximum duration of accommodation 3 years. The goal is that they become autonomous.

BE A PARTNER FOUNDER by participating and be among the first 400 companies to take the partnership to $ 3,750, and receive:

  1. A prestigious 7 services gourmet dinner (value: $ 500). During the evening:

    • Unveiling of the building
    • Model of bronze unveiled status
    • Social Integration Program Covering Yourself ! presented by your company.
    • Silent Auction
    • Draws, entertainment, gift bags etc ...
  2. A bronze sculpture only for the 300 companies that took Founder Partnership, which their company name appears and placed in front of the building (value: $ 50,000)

$750 :Be part of the solution

F.I.S.H. Foundation: 71330 2123 RR0001


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