La Coupole Bistro Laurentien

La Coupole Bistro Laurentien

Member : CEO

Our Concept
An innovative cuisine using products from local artisans from all Québec regions between the laurentian mixted forest and the south of Québec.

Dishes are inspired by the old-fashioned cooking of the families who built today’s Québec, the First Nations’ traditional dishes and the different waves of newcomers who shaped our culinary heritage.

  • Category: Restaurants
  • Creation date: 2015-06-15
  • Number of Employees: 20
  • Legal status: Company
  • Annual Income:
  • Governance: No
  • Interests: Medias, Luxury, Internet, Health, Food, Finance, Dress, Council, Communication, Trade


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Flagship product

Come meet an emerging artist every 2nd Wednesday of the month in a relaxed atmosphere in Formula 5-7.

Enjoy a glass of bubbles and enjoy complimentary appetizers.

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ROI (Return On Investment)

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    1325 René-Lévesque West
    Montreal, H3G 0A1
    Quebec, Canada

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