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I have always loved the world of television, having worked at TVA for more than 7 years. For me, it is the best communication tool that can be used to convey all products and/or services of your company.

I quickly learned the power that came with it, the notoriety and popularity that can be gained by an attentive audience. Our entrepreneurs in Quebec, all have a history. That's what I'm offering you: an opportunity to tell your story of entrepreneurship with the ups and downs. It's your turn to speak!

After my season at "La Voix du Succès" main host, I have the opportunity to produce my TV show: Business & Philanthropy with Miss Chéry.

Join me on my set for an Oprah Winfrey adventure!


Business & Philanthropy with Miss Chéry first mission is BUSINESS, to promote the entrepreneurs of QC, to invite them to share, inspire, and discuss the success of their business, the ups and downs in order to achieve their success.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is gaining more and more ground in the eyes of consumers. It is good business practice for entrepreneurs to get involved socially.

Each show receives 4 guests, including a headliner that is well knowned to the public.

Business & Philanthropy with Miss Chéry is the first television advertising service platform for your company, and we are broadcast across Quebec for a reach of 5,000,000 people on Bell, Videotron, Cogeco and by Hertzian way.


Creating the demand: TV is known to generate demand for products and services. Companies that have increased their TV spending over the last four years have experienced substantial growth, while those that have reduced their TV spending have been much weaker. Source: VAB Video Advertising Bureau.

Invest in yourself/your business and contact us 514 670 7004 to book your TV show at Business & Philanthropy with Miss Chéry .


By participating in our talk-show, you are promoting your business, you are making yourself knowned, you are adopting a marketing strategy of your brand for 100x less expensive than the price you would pay, while having access to the same reach of viewers as TVA, RDS etc. It's time to benefit from this opportunit!

For business and professional people / Self-employed
Complete the form Contact with the subject "Casting B & P" (

  • You must be in business
  • To be 25 years old +
  • To be incorporated or registered at the Registrar
  • DEPOSIT: by credit card / Paypal (Balance 2 weeks before shooting)

.Talk-Show in studio: 7 min.
.Main Sponsor: 26 shows
.Collaborators Sponsor: 13 shows
.Video Advertising (Provided by you): 30 sec.
.Videographer's service to make your video ad: 30 sec.
.Advertising banner: 5 sec.
Package : Talk show + Banner + Pub 30 sec.
Call us at 514 670 7004

SPONSORS: Contact us for details of the visibility offered.
CLAUSE: If you cancel the show, no refund + you must pay for the balance (because you have reserved for ONE complete issue). If the program is canceled by Productions CEO, you are reimbursed 100% of the amount remitted. Same clause applies for the other publicity services offered.

Our goal is to offer an affordable price list to all business people, so that you have accessibility to television promotion across QC, and establish a reputation for your brand.

Book the desired service only with a deposit



To participate in Business & Philanthropy with Miss Chéry talk-show, you must book your show by contacting me directly at 514 670 7004.

To Be2Be.Club member companies and all guests of our upscale Business & Pleasure nights, get an additional 5% off our price list when you reserved your show with us.

See you on the set of the talk-show IN APRIL 2019!

Mireille Chéry, Producer | Host


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