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For this purpose

All member corporate-members are committed to attend the business event: Business & Pleasure to meet with member companies out of the virtual site.
Note: Free entry for all CEO corporate-members users with an all-inclusive package . You must have paid your mandatory membership of 1 year.

Club Membership

The Be2Be Club operates by reference only.

How to join?

  • Only corporate-members can refer new members.
  • If you participated in a Business & Pleasure event.
  • A company participating in an event of F.I.S.H. Foundation can join the Be2Be Club
  • Apply to the President of Be2Be Club: ceo@be2be.club
    Note: Verification of the merit of the future corporate-member by the Executive Selection Committee

Corporate-members are to provide the contact information of the company's decision-maker or a person with that authority to establish true b to b and not the coordinates of the assistants, coordinators and / or project managers.

The corporate-member must be an SME, large enterprises and business professionals, the profile must be completed with the coordinates of either:
Chairman of the Board, Chairman, CEO, Senior VP, VP Finance, VP Marketing, VP Sales, VP Communication, HR VP, Director Finance, Controller, GM, Owner. Professional Orders: Lawyers, Notaries, Accountants, Psychiatrists, Doctors, Chefs, Journalists, etc.;

  • All members agree to be contacted and be receptive by other members to promote business development;
  • All members undertake to concretize at least one business contract AND / OR to use services / products between members during their membership period;
  • All members are welcome to participate in an inter-company visit; All enterprises must be legally constituted;
  • Productions CEO reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, should the conduct of the corporate-member damage the reputation of Be2Be.Club, and / or corporate-members;

Conditions d'utilisation & responsabilités des entreprises-membres

Productions CEO: C orporate E vent O nly is the sole owner of Be2Be.Club. This constitutes the agreement reached between the parties:

  1. The Be2Be Club has a business mission and a philanthropic vision . The Be2Be.Club offers a secure platform to promote business development among its corporate-members, which result in beneficial contracts, to be part of a reliable business network based on quality, loyalty, & integrity. Mutual respect among its corporate-members, referring respectful and influential corporate leaders in their own circle and establishing long-term business relationships among its members.

  2. ** The Be2Be Club's motto is that corporate-members use their services among themselves. One thus becomes a powerful economic structure among us. Be2Be.Club gives you access to its database of business people who use the services and / or products of the members who join the Club, so that each company makes a guaranteed ROI during the year. Which forms a fruitful and profitable business network.

  3. The corporate-members undertake to respect the repertoire of the members and to keep it among themselves only. Under no circumstances should the repertoire be used by a third party who is not a member of the Be2Be Club. It is strictly forbidden to do mass-mailing. All the information of the corporate-members is private and confidential and must not be shared with a third person who is not part of the Club Be2Be. It is strictly forbidden to sell the repertoire under penalty of fine and removal from the Club.

  4. It is strongly encouraged and recommended that corporate-members be able to call and meet to facilitate business development and when there is a business opportunity, it should be noted in the ROI section of the member in question. Example: If you go to supper at Kasumi Sushis & Tapas, go to his profile and indicate in his ROI section how much you spent in his restaurant. It is important that all members sees that there is a turnover of funding among our members.

  5. Each corporate-members must refer at least 1 NEW MEMBER to the Club Be2Be during its first year and the new member in turn must do the same in its first year and so on.

Member To Member IP Protection Contract & Non-Disclosure Agreement


Productions CEO (Corporate Event Only): Is an upscale corporate events companty that produces b to b networking opportunities for his guests benefiting F.I.S.H. Foundation.

Club Be2Be is the 1st business club of philanthropists entrepreneurs of it's kind, where members often share with one another information that legally constitutes a trade secret and/or is sensitive, proprietary or personal information that the member does not want disclosed to others. To facilitate this sharing, Be2Be.Club corporate-members or associate agree to the following:

  • The member will not disclose any confidential information learned from Club Be2Be or from another member to anyone who is not associate to the discussion, unless the disclosing member consents in writing to such disclosure;

  • The member will not use the confidential ideas, processes, information and other intellectual property learned from Be2Be.Club or event, or from another member associate, unless the disclosing consents in writing to such use;

  • The member agree that this Agreement applies to all confidential information received from each other and is not limited to information learned during or after this communication or meeting virtually or in person.

  • The member agree that information regarding a business plan, a method of doing business, an idea for a product or service, new technology, a marketing plan, and a business's financial information are all considered to be confidential information.

  • Members agree that this is an Agreement with each other, that Productions CEO: Corporate Event Only or www.be2be.club is not a party between contract members to members, and the members hold Productions CEO: Corporate Event Only or www.be2be.club harmless and indemnify it from liability for claims related to this Agreement.

  • Should any clause or provision of this Agreement be deemed unenforceable, such provision shall be severed from the remaining agreement.

I've read and accept all these terms.


  • Bank charges will be invoiced to the corporate-member for any check returned by the Bank.
  • Charges paid by credit card are debited on a monthly basis depending on the member's choice period, in the event of a declination of the card, the member's profile is temporarily offline, and after two warnings the member's profile is automatically removed and the member must pay full membership fees prior to departure.
  • Payments by check are made in the name of ** Fondation F.I.S.H. In trust "

Note : If you decide to leave Be2Be.Club you are required to pay the entirety of your Voluntary Contribution for the minimum duration of 1 year.

Member Profile

  • Any descriptive text of your products or services designed to build your corporate profile is done in French and / or English.

  • It is your duty to assure you of the systematics of language and good grammar in both languages. It is the image of your company that is at stake.

  • Membership is valid for the decision-maker person of the corporate profile;

  • The membership card is available to all corporate-members and entitles to the rebate offered by the corporate-members upon presentation in the establishment of the corporate-members ;

  • Membership cards are owned by Be2Be.Club, they must be returned when your membership is complete, unless renewed. If not return a fee a 1000$ is requested;
  • Be2Be.Club can not be held responsible for any error or omission of information that the corporate-members will have entered in its corporate profile (in French and / or English);

  • Any change (name, address, telephone, text etc.), please make sure to change as soon as possible, so that you will be contacted;

  • Corporate-members are not allowed to lend their passwords so that a visitor can return to the site, of which only the members have this privilege;

  • This site is created exclusively for the promotion and the development of business between the decision-makers of the corporate-members .

  • Please make sure that your photos are copyright-free on Be2Be's website, as we are free from any legal action and / or financial claims of your corporate profile.

  • All member company information is exclusive, confidential and personal, only active members of the club have access to other profiles;

  • We suggest that all members respect the information of the members on this site respecting the " Member to Member Agreement" intellectual property;

Any member who is the subject of 3 complaints, sees his / her membership revoked after verification of the merits of the complaints ( Cause: harassment, cold calls, lack of professionalism etc .)

We are open to constructive suggestions from all corporate-members to improve the experience of all. Send an email to: [members@be2be.club] (mailto: members@be2be.club)

Responsibilities of corporate-members

  1. All members are responsible for referring quality contacts, which meet the needs, mandates and eligibility requirements of Club Be2Be.

  2. Member information is confidential between members, it is the members' duties to respect themselves and not to disclose any information about corporate-members to a third party who is not a member of the Be2Be Club.

  3. It is forbidden to print, sell and / or share in any form whatsoever the list of corporate-members and to do mass mailing, cold call etc.

  4. All members must adhere to and practice the "Member to Member IP Protection Contract & Non-Disclosure Agreement".

  5. All guests who become corporate-members following a participation in a Business & Pleasure event must ensure that their references are quality contacts.

  6. All members must honor the duration of their Voluntary Contribution, unless revoked after 3 complaints.

  7. In order to benefit from the discounts of your Voluntary Contribution packages, the prior members must have participated in a full-fare event or have paid the membership amount for the mandatory year.

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