Core Team

Ms Mireille Chéry

President of Productions CEO, Founder of the F.I.S.H. Foundation and Owner of Be2Be.Club

Ms. Mireille Chéry has always been eager to contribute to her society through major corporate events, with the vision of leaving a legacy that will change the lives of people in need.

BE1 is an original idea of Mrs. Chéry. The concept of making the first winter fashion show in the world was very logical for her, because the mission of F.I.S.H. Foundation is to make acquisitions of buildings to lodge homeless people, and what better to educate the general public, than to live an evening "outside" and experience this social problem. Knowing that after this evening, they will return to the comfort of their home, but while having contributed and knowing that they are part of the solution for the acquisition of a building of accommodation.

BE1 is the Oscar of conferences! With top business leaders and international philanthropists who share their passion, their success, their motivation, their secret and the importance of giving back in their immediate society, and it all ends with a winter fashion show, with special guests, recognized bands with performances, dj, kiosks, nocturnal shopping etc.

You have to have the strongest nerves to set up a project of this kind, and the only way to do that is to have a strong, respectful, loyal, and above all, a Core Team that believe more then me, the success of BE1. I present them to you below! They are not mean, but all have character to spare!

Mr. Francis Nappert

Mr Francis Nappert has more than 20 years of experiment in sales and project management, in the field of telecommunications, hotel and event industries. Throughout his career, the professional development if his team member is very important to him. This is why, today, it has a passion for the sates training and the coaching.

During several years, Mr Nappert implied himself near the young people. Their personal development is a cause which is due to him in heart. He was responsible during more than 5 years for an organization which preaches the development of oneself by the knowledge of the other. With his wife, Mr Nappert comes into contact with the homeless. Being employed of a refuge for the homeless, she presents this reality to him and what it represents for several thousands of people in Montreal.

While taking part in the organization of the first event BE1, Mr Nappert wants to sensitize business people to this reality but also the importance of philanthropy in order to helping the most stripped because all the causes are important. He will be use his expertise on the level of the sale of the event and to make sure, as with all the partners that this one will be a success

Mr. Etienne Réhault

Graphic designer and video editor

After a Master Degree in multimedia creation, Etienne Réhault worked as a graphic artist on mobile apps.

His experiences and his collaborations made him change to work as a graphic artist designer in freelance.

Meanwhile he has continued to work with associations, he gives his expertise by contributing to the development in various non profit organization.

Mr. Sébastien Tisserand


Whether in mediation, conciliation or litigation before civil or administrative courts, I strive to find efficient solutions to enable my clients to regain peace of mind and continue their operations.

I practice in the fields of civil and professional liability of professional sellers, architects, engineers, or other members of professional orders as well as in mortgage financing and real estate transactions litigation. My goal is to find solutions that allow my clients to assert and respect their rights and business interests.

I also teach future lawyers at the École du Barreau ethics and professional ethics, and the rules of civil evidence, and future ESG-UQAM managers the main principles of business law.

Deniz Demir

From Denmark to Italy to Japan, Deniz has traveled the globe meeting retailers, designers, and manufacturers. For more than 15 years, he has successfully touched the many sides of the business of fashion, giving him an exceptionally all encompassing view of a multi layered industry. Whether in sales or marketing he has helped large, international companies like the Sixty Group and Bestseller come to prominence.. However this was not enough to quench his ever growing passion for brand building. Being idea driven, Deniz decided to risk it all and leave a peak career job to start his own business and bring his vision to fruition. After furthering his business knowledge and successfully securing financing, he launched a journey of his own. Inspired by his travels he recruited some talented International designers and brought their cutting edge designs to the North American market where they are currently distributed to more than 120 stores across Canada. Going 7 years strong now, Stylepool has curated some of the best street and lifestyle brands from around the globe, exclusively representing Australian, Singaporean, German and Danish brands.


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